Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jeg hater andre akademikere.

1. Fix the vocabulary. If we agree to call verbal performance, or, better linguistic performance, any group of signs produced on the basis of a natural (or artificial) language (langue), we could call formulation the individual (or possibly collective) act that reveals, on any material and according to a particular form, that group of signs: the formulation is an event that can always be located by its spatio-temporal coordinates, which can always be related to an author, and which may constitute in itself a specific act (a performative act, as the British analysts call it); we call sentence or proposition the units that grammar or logic may recognise in a group of signs: these units may always be characterized by the elements that figure in them, and by the rules of construction that unite them; in relation to the sentence and the proposition, the questions of origin, time and place, and context are merely subsidiary; the decisive question is that of their correctness (if only under the form of "acceptability").

Dette er den første setningen. Det kommer egentlig flere, som ender med "we can now understand the reason for the equivocal meaning of the term discourse." 


  1. Takk og lov for det. Nye tretti år med Foucault - hva ville det resultert i? Jeg ser for meg "dingsenes historie!" og "samfunnets kjemi" og whatnot (på godt norsk.) Nei, "Tingenes orden" holder i lange baner.

    Ok, jeg liker egentlig Foucault, sånn egentlig, egentlig. Når jeg bare slipper å lese ham. "first: fix the vocabulary".

  2. Stakkars Foucault, skrivemaskinreparatøren kom aldri og fiksa semikolontasten som hadde hengt seg opp.

  3. Aaaah! Det er derfor? Da er han jo nesten unnskyldt. Og enda får han skryt for sitt "herlige språk" på bokomslaget.